lipid calc

Lipid Calc determines:

•  LDL goal and recommendations

•  Triglyceride goal and recommendations

•  HDL goal and recommendations.

•  Presence or absence of Metabolic Syndrome

As with any medical application, Lipid Calc does not replace medical judgment.  It is only a tool to be used along with knowledge and experience to determine the appropriate treatment for a patient.

Please help Lipid Calc improve.  Email with any problems, recommendations, or bugs!

Heart disease is the leading health problem in the United States for both men and women.  Evidence shows that lowering cholesterol can reduce the risk of this disease.  Determining the correct level of LDL cholesterol for a patient requires taking in to account multiple data points and correlating them with current recommendations.  Unfortunately, this calculation frequently requires a substantial amount of time.

Lipid Calc is a unique iPhone application that navigates the NCEP Adult Treatment Panel III guidelines.  Lipid Calc helps the clinician evaluate a patient’s lipid profile and reach an evidence based decision on treatment.

Cholesterol treatment no longer requires prolonged calculations and flowcharts.  Lipid Calc does all the work and determines the correct evidence based treatment.

lipid calc
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